Many views of post-apocalyptic movie worlds have passed by our eyes over the years, from the stark to the complex. Peter Jackson’s Mortal Engines fits in the latter camp, and boy does it look cool!

Now we have new sneak peek footage from it, giving us more massive city-on-wheels action and some welcome backstory.

Seriously, how cool are these massive portable cities?

Mortal Engines – which is based upon the first of Philip Reeves’ incredible steampunk novel series – is set some thousands of years in the future. Civilisation has been destroyed by one big mother of an event, and now cities variously exist at sea, in the sky or trundle around on wheels, looking for smaller towns from which to absorb resources. One such city is London, and something – or somebody – needs to stop it from devouring everything that it rolls over. Cue mysterious young woman Hester Shaw (Hera Hilmar), who just may be the one to do it.

Mortal Engines rolls into Australian cinemas on December 6.