Another trailer has dropped for Fifty Shades Free, and it seems to us a great way to see most all of what happens to Ana and Christian in the flick.

That’s another way of saying that we reckons spoilers be here, but trailer culture nowadays seems to decree that most – if not all – of the plot of a movie has to be divulged. If you want the odd surprise then don’t watch the trailer below, OK?

Actually, we’re pretty sure that the last trailer was billed as “the final trailer”, but anyway. Also, that INXS cover remains iffy.

If you’re not up with the Fifty Shades trilogy then coming into this blind wouldn’t be advisable. If you are up with proceedings then expect our favourite pervy couple to have ghosts of the past pop up and threaten their idyllic existence.

Fifty Shades Freed, starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, is due in Australian cinemas on Valentine’s Day – aka February 14.

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