Considering the full-on revival of vinyl records, we’ve been telling anybody who’ll listen that VHS videos will find their way back into style. Well, the revolution has begun – kind of…

A selection of 10 choice classic movies is coming exclusively to JB Hi-Fi soon, housed in rather cool limited edition, numbered collectible VHS packaging, complete with collector cards and a T-shirt iron-on.

They are:
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Stand by Me
The Breakfast Club
E.T. – The Extra-Terrestrial
The Dark Crystal
Jurassic Park
Beverly Hills Cop
Back to the Future

Labelled the ‘Rewind Collection’, the faux-worn cardboard packages may look the real deal, but they each contain Blu-ray versions of the movies. Phew, we’re not quite ready to return to the days of fuzzy vision, warbly sound, tracking issues, tape jams and dropouts.

There’ll only be 1000 copies of each movie available, from December 6. You can pre-order now by clicking here.