In what may or may not be a case of “Yabba dabba don’t”, a new animated Flintstones series is likely to be heading our way.

Elizabeth Banks is behind the idea to bring the modern Stone Age family back to our screens – and we daresay that almost 60 years later it will have quite different sensibilities to the landmark original series.

According to Variety, it will be “a primetime animated adult comedy series based on an original idea featuring characters from The Flintstones“. Hopefully it works better than the ill-fated TV reboot of The Muppets a few years ago.

Interestingly, Family Guy, erm, guy Seth MacFarlane worked on a similar idea a while back, but it sunk like a stone…

Here’s an idea of just how much life has changed since the original series of The Flintstones aired. Fred and Barney advertised beer and cigarettes – talk about the Stone Age!