Nic Cage is a big Superman fan. In fact he’s a huge one – he even named his son Kal-El for goodness’ sake (poor kid).

While never properly realising his dream of playing the Man of Steel in a movie, he did recently come close in the quite excellent animated feature Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, where he at least gave voice to Supes.

Now, it seems, he’s realised that at the age of 54 he’s probably just a bit long in the tooth to play the alien superhero on screen, so he’s changed tack – and allegiances – within the DC universe.

Yep, he’d dig getting in on a bit of Lex Luthor action – although we’re not sure how Jesse Eisenberg will feel about that.

Cage dropped the Lex bombshell in an interview with The Guardian, when asked about his Superman aspirations.

“Oh, I think my Superman days are long gone,” Cage told them. But when it was suggested that he’d make a great DC villain, he was enthusastic. “Oh, that would be GREAT! I’d make a great Lex Luthor!”

Come on DC, the ball’s in your court. Your cinematic universe could benefit from a dose of Cage, Nic Cage.

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