The super-fun looking Free Guy was supposed to help save us from last year’s blahs, but instead got held up by them. Now it’s finally coming in August.

If you’ve missed the brief, Ryan Reynolds is a bloke named Guy, who has to save the world of the Grand Theft Auto-like video game in which he resides.

Another new trailer has just arrived that gives us more of a look at what it’s all about. Guy is a video game NPC (non-player character) who becomes self-aware, and starts doing nice things in-game. This doesn’t go down well with some, and Guy ends up having to save the entire world of Free City before it’s deleted.

From director Shawn Levy (the Night at the Museum series), the movie also stars Taika Waititi – who we see briefly in this new trailer – as well as Jodie Comer (TV’s Killing Eve) as a character named Molotov Girl.

August 12 is when Free Guy is set to hit Australian cinemas. This time for sure…