The Battle of the Bastards? T’was but a tea party. The Loot Train ambush? A mere blip. The biggest battle in Game of Thrones history has just wrapped filming – after an astonishing 55 nights!

We’ll eventually get to see it when the eighth and final series hits next year, but we’ll take any news that we can get at this point.

News of the 55 night fight-a-thon came via a since-deleted Instagram post from assistant director Jonathan Quinlan, claiming “Says it all. 55 consecutive nights. 11 weeks. 3 locations. You’ll never again see anything like it.”

As we all know, very little internet content that’s deleted is actually gone forever, and in this case Game of Thrones community site Watchers on the Wall managed to snaffle a grab of the post…

Game of Thrones

The final season is certainly shaping as one to remember, and if this is any evidence then the producers are certainly up to the task of making it truly incredible.

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