Been craving more of a look at Last Christmas? Well, a new trailer has arrived for the upcoming seasonal romcom.

Featuring music by the late and great George Michael, the movie was written by (and also stars) Emma Thompson.

Directed by Paul Feig, it stars Emilia Clarke as an elf named Kate. Well, she’s not really an elf, she just helps out in the Christmas stuff section of a department store.

Naturally a romcom needs somebody to be a second character for the first character to get rommy and commy with, and in this case it’s Henry Golding as the much more seemingly together – and certainly not elfin – Tom. Michelle Yeoh also stars.

It all looks suitably rom and com, and as well as featuring well-known tunes from George Michael and Wham!, the producers have been granted permission to use some new and unreleased material.

Last Christmas is set for an Australian cinema release this Christmas (well, November 7, actually).

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