The classic 1988 buddy comedy flick Midnight Run is set to return, with word that it’ll be as some form of sequel.

While details are pretty thin on the ground at present, Regina Hall is set to both produce and star in the movie, which is being penned by Aeysha Carr (TV’s fab Brooklyn Nine-Nine).

If you missed it, the original starred Robert De Niro as a former cop who’s turned bounty hunter, and Charles Grodin as a mob accountant who’s jumped bail. The tale revolved around their journey from the east coast of the US to the west so that De Niro’s Jack Walsh could claim his reward for nabbing Grodin’s Jonathan “The Duke” Mardukas, and their attempts to not get all sorts of dead along the way.

For those who are worried, De Niro is set to be one of the producers. That’s a good thing, right…?

Here’s a look back at the original: