It’s been a while between drinks, but the band of Ivan Reitman, Arnie and Danny DeVito are getting back together for Twins sequel Triplets.

What, does this mean that the oddest pair of twins ever – thanks to a secret genetics experiment – have a brother or sister? Duh, of course it does!

So who is this new sibling? None other than Tracy Morgan of TV’s ace 30 Rock (amongst other things – we just love 30 Rock).

It’s 33 years since the last slice of silly fun, and the idea for this one apparently came via Eddie Murphy – then he got super-busy, so…

Director Reitman gave a quick plot summary of Triplets to Deadline: “Secretly, there was a third baby born, a black baby, who hasn’t been in touch with his siblings. They don’t know each other and very early in the movie they meet and it’s how they achieve a bond together after all these years. It’s really a film about family and, no matter how different we all are, we have to learn to get along. These guys have great chemistry together, and you can see that in the reel, and how much energy they bring out in each other.”

Hopefully us mere mortals will get to see that reel, or some sort of trailer, sooner rather than later. Those involved are hoping to kick off production soon.

While we wait, here’s a compilation of some of Tracy Morgan’s fine 30 Rock work:

30 Rock at JB Hi-Fi.