There have been quite a few movies based on video games, and mostly they’ve been, well, unsuccessful. So, will a planned Just Dance movie buck this trend?

We’ve often sat through extended cutscenes in games – usually unskippable – thinking, “These guys just want to make movies”. So many great titles like The Last of Us, God of War and the list goes on have plots that could easily lend themselves to big screen adaptations.

But we’ve never flailed about to Just Dance and thought, “Yep, this puppy would make one kick-arse movie.”

Obviously its creators Ubisoft have thought differently to us, and they’ve successfully shopped the concept of a Just Dance movie to Screen Gems, according to Deadline.

For the uninitiated, Just Dance is the biggest-selling music video game franchise of all-time, outselling all of those Guitar Hero, Rock Band, SingStar and such things – and without the need for plastic cupboard-clutterers. It takes mostly current chart fodder, adds all the bright colours and a bunch of people dancing onscreen that you have to try to emulate (but won’t, unless you’re a crazy-good dancer).

We’re really not sure how this one’s going to translate into a movie, unless they just use the title and go with one of those Step Up-styled affairs.

At any rate, it’s early days and no details on pretty much anything to do with the movie – other than that it’s planned – are available.

Meanwhile, Just Dance celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, and Just Dance 2019 is available now for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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