She’s been Fast & Furious, she’s gone Haywire, she’s dived into the Deadpool and now Gina Carano has gone post-apocalyptic in Scorched Earth.

The former MMA fighter brings the kills as a bounty hunter named Atticus Gage, who tracks down criminals in a post-apocalyptic Earth.

Yep, that’s a flimsy description, but this is what we have to work from as the official blurb: “A bounty hunter named Atticus Gage tracks down criminals in a post-apocalyptic Earth.”

Luckily, we have the trailer below. So, to elaborate in our own words: Sometime in the 21st century, Mother Nature finally cracks it completely with humanity’s lack of care for her and unleashes all manner of apocalyptic fury. Small pockets of humanity survive, and bounty hunters roam about trying to kill the dodgy elements amongst those who remained. Atticus Gage is one such bounty hunter, and this is her story.

Well, that’s a little better.

Also starring John Hannah, Scorched Earth appears to have already been released in Canada, and we suspect that it may slink out on direct-to-video in Australia later this year.

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