Ever since tech pretty much existed, movies have warned us of how it could turn against us. Yet still we embrace it. Our latest warning? The Drone.

From the writer/director of the intriguingly-titled Zombeavers, Jordan Rubin, The Drone apparently tells of a couple’s new investment, the titular flying thing. It also tells of how it somehow ingested the consciousness of a serial killer before he was offed. That might explain why it’s such a pervy, bad to the whatever-drones-have-instead-of-bone beastie.

Seriously, despite being billed as a horror flick this looks absolutely ridiculous, but in a cool Sharknado-before-they-wore-it-out kind of way.

But, there’s a catch. Somehow we doubt that The Drone would receive a wide cinematic release even if it were actually a thing. You see, EW originally reported on it back in 2015, and claimed it was all a big fake then.

Ah, but all 82 minutes of it is scheduled to show later this month at the Slamdance Film Festival in Utah.

So, we’re not sure if it’s just a big wind-up or not, but if it does show up then we’re kind of curious to see it. Will we ever learn…?