The Simpsons has scarcely been short of guest voice actors over the years, and as the show lurches along in its 29th season on air, it’s still attracting the big names.

The latest to be announced is that of a character that we haven’t met previously, bartender Moe Szyslak’s father, Morty. None other than Ray Liotta, most recently seen in TV cop show Shades of Blue and Goodfellas legend, will be supplying his voice for the character who is said to be like an even more evil take on Moe, according to EW.

Considering Moe’s history of threats to children, whale-napping, panda smuggling and several shonky backroom goings-on, Morty sounds like, erm, quite a guy. Is it just us, or does he look quite a bit like Steve Buscemi?

The Simpsons - Morty

Executive producer Matt Selman previously hinted at the story of the episode, saying: “It’s a Shakespearean family drama, set against the backdrop of a fading mattress store empire.”

Hmm, we can see a great synergy here. Barflies drink, barflies need somewhere to pass out, mattresses are soft…

While we have no episode title as yet, we do know that Debi Mazar (Empire Records, several Madonna videos) will also star. She’ll be voicing Moe’s sister Minnie in the episode that’s set to air in the US this April.

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