The final season of the show that brings us what made young Bruce Wayne become Batman, Gotham, is coming soon. Fans have been excited for the introduction of classic villain Bane, and now we know what he’ll look like.

With many well-known DC villains in the Gotham universe receiving their own unique makeovers, Bane could have looked like most anything. It turns out that he’s wearing pretty much everything AND the kitchen sink. Or at least what we imagine it looks like under a kitchen sink.

Our first look at him – played by Shane West (TV’s ER, Nikita, Salem) – comes from Gotham writer/producer Tze Chun via Twitter.

There’s no exact date as yet for the final run of Gotham, other than the not particularly helpful “2019”. This season will apparently see a time jump of some 10 years, which should plop us firmly in Bat territory.

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