Prepare yourself for creepy animatronic action, as indie game sensation Five Nights at Freddy’s is coming to movie screens, with Gremlins creator Chris Columbus pulling the strings.

Erm. hang on. Animatronic puppets don’t have strings. D’oh!

Anyway, if the title’s new to you, Five Nights at Freddy’s is a series of six games (and one spinoff) that are based in a kiddy-themed pizza restaurant where the the animatronic mascots come to life at night.

The brainchild of a bloke named Scott Cawthon, it came about when the main character in a game he wrote that was supposed to be kid friendly was described as being really creepy. While the criticism inititally annoyed him, it ended up inspiring Freddy’s, subsequently making him a motza as books, fluffy toys and more hit the shelves.

The series even appears in the Guinness Book of Records: Gamer’s Edition, holding the record for the largest number of sequels released in a year.

The movie version’s path has been a little bumpy, but since The Purge and Get Out people Blumhouse nabbed the rights, it’s been moving forward. Now with the addition of Chris Columbus it’s really taking shape. He has plenty of experience with horror-tinged, kiddo-friendly adventure, having penned everything from Gremlins and The Goonies through to directing Home Alone (well, we think it had horror elements) and a couple of the Harry Potter flicks.

Here’s how Blumhouse announced the teaming…

It’s too early to have a date for the flick, and Cawthon has declared that there’ll be no more Freddy’s games as he’s over it all. He did promise a couple of years ago now that the series would be coming to consoles at some point though, so hopefully they’ll show up sooner rather than later.

For a small taste, here’s the original trailer for the first game…

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