Back in 2016, a Kickstarter got kicked from the crowdfunding site for copyright infringement. The plan was to make an origin story of Harry Potter’s nemesis, Voldemort. 

Since then, the producers of the flick have played nice with Warner Bros – or cast a spell over them – and have received permission to post it in a not-for-profit capacity.

So, here it is. The prequel, as such, entitled Voldemort: Origins of the Heir is a 53-minute affair that sets out to answer the big question: What made Tom Riddle become Voldemort?

We wonder what JK Rowling thinks of it?

By the way, did you know that you’ve likely been pronouncing “Voldemort” incorrectly, just like us? According to Rowling a while back, the ‘t’ is meant to be silent – so “Vol-deh-more”. It appears that somebody forgot to tell the actors in the movies though, on the odd occasions that “he who must not be named” was actually named…

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