Even if it bugs mums the world over, swearing is a big thing in movies. Now we know whose mum is likely the most ashamed.

Yes, come on down, Jonah Hill!

While our money would have been on Samuel L Jackson, he came in down the list at third. Still a reasonable motherf–king showing, we guess.

The stats come from Buzz Bingo, who have painstakingly run the numbers on profanity in film by studying some 3,500 scripts.

Beyond the most profane actors (Leo DiCaprio scored the number two spot, in case you’re wondering) they also rated actual movies.

In what will likely cause little shock, Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street nabbed top spot, with some 715 drops of words that most wouldn’t drop in front of their mum. Recent release Uncut Gems clocked in at number two, while Scorsese struck again at number three with his 1995 classic Casino.

In other interesting results, the 1990s saw the peak of profanity in film, with it steadily decreasing – a little – since.

Here’s a surprisingly clean trailer – there’s only one mum-unfriendly word – for The Wolf of Wall Street: