Disney’s super-popular Honey… series may be set to make a return to movie screens, with the appropriately shrunken title Shrunk.

Josh Gad (aka Frozen‘s Olaf the snowman) pitched the idea, and he would play the grown-up son of the Rick Moranis character, Wayne Szalinski.

The original saw scientist Szalinski accidentally shrink his teenaged son and daughter and a couple of neighbours to around a centimetre in height, setting off a suburban backyard survival adventure. This one will have Gad following in his dad’s footsteps, both in the scientist department and in getting all shrinky-dinky on his unsuspecting kids.

While many will be groaning at the prospect of yet another Hollywood reboot, there is some hope for this one. Specifically because, as reported by Variety, the director of the original, Joe Johnston, is currently in talks to direct this one should it get the green light. He also directed the original Jumanji, as well as the likes of Rocketeer and The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, so he knows his way around a family flick.

Here’s a reminder of the original:

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