After the runaway success of Trainwreck, we’ve been waiting for another brilliant Amy Schumer-focussed comedy. Will I Feel Pretty be it?

It tells of a chick who – like so many of us – has big self-esteem issues. However, after waking from a major exercise bike accident she suddenly believes that she’s the most go-getting and beautiful woman on the planet, and the world gets caught up in her confidence.

I Feel Pretty was written and directed by Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein, who also penned Valentine’s Day, He’s Just Not That Into You, How to be Single and the ace Drew Barrymore back-to-school flick Never Been Kissed.

The movie also stars Michelle Williams, Tom Hopper, Rory Scovel, Busy Philipps, Lauren Hutton, Naomi Campbell and Emily Ratajkowski.

I Feel Pretty will sashay into Australian cinemas on June 28.

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