Leigh Whannell, the Melbourne bloke with the freakily fertile mind that gave us the Saw and Insidious movies, is preparing to scare the innards out of us again with Upgrade.

Billed as a sci-fi action horror affair, Whannell has both written and directed the Blumhouse-produced flick. It got great buzz from SXSW, with comparisons to the vibe of The Matrix and The Terminator. From watching the trailer, we reckon you could chuck a bit of Crank into that mix, too.

The synopsis tells us that it’s set in a near-future where technology controls nearly all aspects of life (eep, that sounds like our flat – “Hey Google, please don’t tear off our head”). After seeing his wife brutally murdered during a mugging, and being left partially paralysed himself, a technophobic guy named Grey Trace (Logan Marshall-Green, Devil) is approached by a billionaire tech genius with an offer to help him via an experimental computer chip implant called STEM. This gives Grey full mobility – and super-strength. Hmm, now where did those bad guy muggers get to…?

It sounds a bit Steve Austin-ish, just without all that astronaut stuff and with added revenge. Could this be why Mark Wahlberg’s The Six Billion Dollar Man has been delayed until 2020? (Probably not, actually, as the production’s director Damian Szifron departed last week.)

Upgrade is set to explode into Aussie cinemas on June 14. Here’s the less grisly – or “green band” – trailer…

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