If the thought of being in a darkened cinema watching a movie about an evil clown in the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s It gives you the creeps, then what about this?

Cool Texan theatre chain Alamo Drafthouse – the same people who put on women-only showings of Wonder Woman, much to many males’ butt-hurtiness – has an upcoming “clowns-only” screening of It. Yes, a cinema jampacked with harlequins – uh…

Mind you, applying logic to this for a second, if it’s a clowns-only affair, then everybody has to go as a clown. Hmm, can clowns be scared of clowns?

What’s probably creepiest about this, however, is that due to popular demand the cinema has had to schedule extra clowns-only sessions of It. They’re taking over the world, we tell you!

It might be time to invest in white makeup and beepy red nose stocks. Or to head off to space – at least no one will hear us scream there.

Ahem. Anyway, It is getting ready to creep out Australian cinemagoers on September 7. Clown getup completely optional.

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