You could think times are tough for Arnold Schwarzenegger, with the known big car lover reduced to spruiking electric cars.

He’s been enlisted for a video to help promote the benefits of electric vehicles in a country that worships at the shrine of muscle cars and giant recreational vehicles. Erm, like Arnie does.

As well as his beloved Humvee (which we love saying to ourselves over and over again in our shonky Arnie accent), the big man collects real cars like kids collect Matchbox cars.

His collection features everything from a Dodge Challenger SRT muscle car to the requisite Porsche, an AMG Merc, another Hummer, a big black Bentley and more – including a Patton tank!

Still, he did have one of those Humvees converted to be able to run on vegetable oil, so with that and this video, it appears that he just may be turning his mind more to benefitting the environment rather than satiating his need for roaring donks and plumes of full-on exhaust smoke.

So, enjoy Arnie pretending to be a dodgy car salesman – and marvel that most of the people shown don’t seem to recognise him. He’s hardly Guy Incognito, after all…

Here goes, with Kicking Gas!

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