When you use the words “final trailer” while promoting a movie about people doing dumb ‘n’ dangerous stuff like Jackass Forever, it could have more significant meaning. Luckily, however, nobody met their end making it. Well, we don’t think anybody did…

Yes, a new look at the swansong for the classic Jackass team, led by Johnny Knoxville, has arrived, which also ushers in a new generation of what many would describe as absolutely crazy people.

Forget Hans Moleman’s classic ‘Man Getting Hit by Football’, there are people getting hit all over the place here, as well as being blown up and there’s even one incident with a snake that will give us nightmares for the rest of our lives. Yes, this trailer is most definitely rated ‘S’.

Jackass Forever opens in Australian cinemas on February 3.

Jackass at JB.