Everybody’s favourite visionary slacker duo Jay and Silent Bob are heading back to screens, but not in a traditional way.

They’re getting their tech on in a serious way with a forthcoming short-form comedy series in virtual reality. A place where some may argue they have always lived.

It’s set to plop viewers into the head of Kevin Smith’s Silent Bob, as he and his more vocal buddy Jay (Jason Mewes) get up to the usual kind of stuff that they get up to.

Set to debut mid-year in the US on the newly-launched Surreal Channel, we’re not currently sure when Jay and Silent Bob VR – which will require an app and VR headset – will hit Australia.

We’re also not sure where this – and Kevin Smith’s recent heart attack – leaves progress on the movie Jay and Silent Bob Get a Reboot, but we’d really like to see it one day so we’ll think happy thoughts.

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