What is it with ballet and colored birds? We’ve had Black Swan, now prepare for Red Sparrow.

This is a completely different style of film to Darren Aronofsky’s, however, with JLaw playing a Russian spy, Dominika Egorova, whose cover is as a prima ballerina. She’ll seduce you, she’ll kill you and then, we presume, perform a graceful pirouette on your grave.

According to the brief synopsis that we have, her first mission targets a CIA agent (Joel Edgerton), however it doesn’t go to plan and ends up threatening the security of both the USA and Russia.

Hmm, we can’t help but get a bit of a Marvel’s Black Widow vibe from this. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Based on the book by Jason Matthews, Red Sparrow also stars Matthias Schoenaerts, Mary-Louise Parker, Jeremy Irons and Charlotte Rampling. It comes to us from director Francis Lawrence, who previously worked with Jennifer Lawrence on three of the Hunger Games flicks.

Expect it in Aussie cinemas sometime around March, 2018.

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