Gnomeo & Juliet did for garden gnomes what… well, what most every cartoon of late has done – brought life to inanimate objects. Now it has a sequel, Sherlock Gnomes.

The gnome crew have moved to new digs, but one day – DUN! DUN! DUN! – they almost all disappear! This is a job for sworn protector of garden gnomes… oh come on, you can guess who.

The original had a cracking voice cast, and Sherlock Gnomes also delivers on this front from those announced so far. Johnny Depp gives voice to super-sleuth Sherlock Gnomes, while James McAvoy and Emily Blunt rekindle their roles as ceramic sweethearts Gnomeo and Juliet. Also joining the garden are Chiwetel Ejiofor and Mary J. Blige, while Elton John provides some song-like things.

Here’s the first trailer for the flick, which is due in March next year overseas – so likely soon after here to coincide with school holidays. But be warned, it contains a gnome in a mankini. Once that’s seen it cannot be unseen…

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