If you’ve upgraded to 4K Ultra HD and need more animation in your life, Disney are really set to deliver – and soon.

This month sees the arrival of the original 1992 classic animated Aladdin, with Robin Williams completely stealing the show. It arrives on September 18.

But that’s just a small taste of what’s soon to come.

October is set to go large on Pixar back catalogue, with a whopping eight titles arriving on 4K Ultra HD.

Fans of the format will be able to add Brave, Cars, Cars 2, Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, Inside Out, Ratatouille and The Good Dinosaur to their collections from October 2, as well as the newly-arriving Toy Story 4 from October 9.

Even that’s not the end of the story, for November is set to bring more animated treats.

November 13 is a day to diarise, with the arrival on 4K Ultra HD of Big Hero 6, Moana, Tangled, The Princess and the Frog, Zootopia and one that will be in many a tech-aware kid’s Chrissie stocking this year, Frozen.

Oh yes, the new version of The Lion King is also arriving on the same day.

With these releases and all of their Marvel Cinematic Universe films either out or coming very soon on 4K, it’s great to see Disney really getting right behind the format. Roll on Star Wars