If – and we hope that it never happens, of course – we’re ever nuked, at least the cockroaches will have something to binge-watch, as we’re sure Baywatch will also survive.

It’s hit us in several forms previously, from the original 1989 series with David Hasselhoof and the lovely Pammy Anderson, through to Baywatch Nights, a bunch of telemovies and last year’s big screen take with Mr The Rock in the lead. Now a two-pronged new assault is on the cards, according to Deadline.

Phase 1: Remaster the original series into HD – yes, all 242 epsiodes – and hawk to the world’s TV stations in hopes of garnering a new audience.

Phase 2: ?

Phase 3: Hopefully profit, in which case there’ll be a…

Phase 4: Rebooted series.

The remastering is interesting in that it has taken some liberties with the original. Not so much in reframing to modern TV screen sizes from the old boxy shape (which was overseen by the original producers), but in the replacement of some 300 songs with modern tracks. This is disgraceful – talk about messing with much-treasured memori… Nah, we can’t keep a straight face, sorry.

So, if you’re a Baywatch fan there just may be a lot to look forward to.

Meanwhile, if you’d like your very own little Hoff and Pammy dolls to recreate all of those classic scenes with, Funko have delivered!


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