In a not entirely surprising move, Keanu Reeves’ recently launched comic book series BRZRKR will also be hitting our screens at some point in the future.

Reeves is set to both produce and star, with things kicking off with a movie then spinning off into an anime series.

The comic – the first of a 12-issue limited series – only launched on March 3, and has already clocked up sales of more than 600,000. It was created by Reeves and writer Matt Kindt, with art by Marvel’s Ron Garney.

As for story, BRZRKR revolves around a half-mortal/half-god warrior known as ‘B’. He’s cursed, and violent is his main mood, but after centuries of wandering the Earth he just may have found the perfect gig – taking on cases deemed too dangerous for anybody else for the US government.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Keanuverse John Wick 4 is set to go into production soon.

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