Do not pass go, do not collect 200 bucks etc, as news arrives that a Monopoly movie, starring Kevin Hart, is in the works.

Hey, we’ve had Battleship, two Ouija flicks and Clue(do) and… erm, does Jumanji count?

Regardless of any reservations that we may have, Deadline reports that this is really happening. As to what it will be about, or Hart’s role in it, it’s time for conjecture, as no details have been announced as yet. We’re not sure we can see him as that creepy moustachioed bloke (Rich Uncle Pennybags – ed.) though.

We do know that Tim Story is down to direct. He’s previously worked with Hart on the two Ride Along movies (plus a third is on its way), as well as two Think Like a Man flicks.

Perhaps surprisingly, a Monopoly movie has been in the offing for a while, with several people coming and going from various iterations. So, will this one stick?

Meanwhile, here’s something more thematically appropriate.

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