To celebrate 20 years since the opening of his New Jersey comic book store, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, geek overlord Kevin Smith tok- erm, took to Instagram with an awesome fan offer.

In the post, Smith announced that 1,000 commemorative chocolates were put up for sale (and very quickly sold out). That’s not so exciting in itself, but Smith channelled his inner Willy Wonka by randomly scattering 10 golden tickets amongst them.

As he doesn’t have a chocolate factory to visit (that we know of), the prize for lucky golden ticket recipients is an appearance in his upcoming Jay and Silent Bob movie.

Yes, the pair who first hung out in Smith’s debut flick, Clerks, are getting rebooted. In delightfully meta style the story of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot involves Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Smith) hitting Hollywood, aiming to stop a rebooted movie of their comic book creations Bluntman and Chronic.

While filming is scheduled to commence in September and the finished movie is due sometime in 2018, the downside is, of course, that Smith has previously announced that the mooted Mallrats 2 and Clerks 3 flicks won’t be happening.

The overlord giveth, the overlord taketh away.


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