You know those silly “Is the dress blue and black or white and gold?” and “Yanny or Laurel?” things that waste our time? Well, recently Sesame Street legend Grover became embroiled in his own such affair.

You most likely heard about it – does the Muppet drop an F-bomb?

While we reckon that he clearly says “that sounds like an excellent idea”, for some reason several people seem to hear it as “that’s a f-ckin’ excellent idea”. We ran it by a handy seven-year-old and he also heard the non-rude version. As he rightly said, “He wouldn’t swear on a kid’s show!”

Anyway, Jimmy Kimmel thought he’d take this one to a bunch of US kids to see what they think, and several of the reactions are absolutely ace – even if we still don’t get a definitive answer.

So, what do you hear?

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