The LEGO Ideas programme has brought some fab pop culture icons into brick form, and the latest is classic Mickey Mouse short Steamboat Willie.

The cartoon that introduced us to Walt Disney’s future world-conquering rodent was first shown on November 18, 1928, and highlighted a style of animation that soon became hugely popular – and was to be loved for generations to come.

Slated for release on April 1 – but no joke – this set was originally designed by an everyday LEGO fan, was submitted for fan approval and then received enough votes (10,000) to be considered for manufacture as a real LEGO set. It succeeded, LEGO’s people fiddled with the design a bit, and now we have the final product to look at and jam on our already too-long want lists.

Steamboat Willie

Unlike the recent Flintstones set, which was rather underwhelming in the end, this looks an absolute treat – and a fitting tribute for the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse (even if he’s now entered his 91st year).

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