The original Lethal Weapon hit in 1987, and more or less set the buddy cop action movie formula in stone. The recent TV series has been a hit, but what if Mel Gibson and Danny Glover came back for a Lethal Weapon 5 some 30 years later?

Believe it or not – and let’s face it, with Hollywood’s lust for recycling it really isn’t that hard to believe – it’s on the cards, at least if Deadline‘s sources are correct.

They’re reporting that the original director of all four movies in the franchise Richard Donner has buddied up with Gibson and Glover once again, and that they even have Lethal Weapon 4 writer Channing Gibson (no relation) with his hands poised above his keyboard in anticipation to get a new script up and happening.

Seriously though, Lethal Weapon 4 came out in 1998. So that’s almost 20 years ago (pause for you to marvel at our maths skills!). Are Riggs and Murtaugh up for another go round? Sorry to be predictable, but the question just must be asked – with Glover in his seventies and Gibson not that far behind him, are they now too old for this sh-t?

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