Back in 2001, Reese Witherspoon gave us the awesome Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, a comedy that reminded us to never underestimate somebody just because they have fair hair.

Then, in 2003, there was a sequel called Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde. It wasn’t quite as good.

Then there was a successful musical, and in 2009 a less-successful direct-to-video flick called Legally Blondes, about two of Elle’s younger cousins.

It’s only really the original movie that stands up today, and it’s apparently become quite a cult hit with modern college-age audiences. A bunch of Hollywood types will certainly be hoping that the love is still there for our blonde legal eagle, as a third main entry in the series is in the works currently.

Witherspoon is believed to be up for participation, and those producers must be pretty confident that she’ll sign, as most of the first flick’s (heh, nice Election riff there) creative team are already on the writing case, according to Deadline.

There’s no word on who will direct yet.

Here’s a reminder of how fun the original Legally Blonde was…

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