A little more of a peek at Game of Thrones S8

You know it’s getting ever closer, and here’s around 30 seconds more of Game of Thrones season 8 to get that appetite whetted. More so.

Here’s the part of the article where we usually say lots more stuff about the show, but we’ve kind of run out of words. Plus you all just want to look at the video up above, right?

Game of Thrones season 8 is now less than two weeks away.

Get GoT at JB Hi-Fi.

Game of Thrones

Get up to speed with Game of Thrones in 12 minutes!

With seven seasons down, if you’re not up to speed with Game of Thrones then you have a HEAP of catching up to do.

Sick of people talking about it and not having a clue what they’re on about? Can’t be shagged sitting through seven whole seasons – that’s 67 episodes – of death, despair, duplicity and dragons? Then have we got 12 minutes for you!

More specifically, the wonderful people at ScreenCrush have 12 minutes for you, having put together this handy, SPOILER-LADEN piece designed to get everybody up to speed before season eight lobs.

Have fun storming the castle!