A new trailer has dropped for the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary and, as you’d hope, it’s rather creepy.

Well OK, seriously creepy.

For those who missed the original, Pet Sematary follows a family who relocate from Boston to rural Maine. Upon checking out their new digs, they discover a strange burial ground hidden deep in the woods. After tragedy subsequently strikes, a peculiar neighbour enters the fray, which sets off a chain reaction that unleashes an unspeakable evil. Evil, we tells ya! Evil!

They’ve recycled a tagline from the 1989 version – “Sometimes dead is better” for this one, although we’d have preferred it if they’d gone with the much more classic “Don’t forget to put out the cat… Before the cat puts out YOU”. Oh well.

Starring Jason Clarke and Amy Seimetz, with John Lithgow as creepy neighbour guy, Pet Sematary is due in Australian cinemas on April 4.

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