If you’re going to do a post-apocalyptic movie in this post-Fury Road world, then you have to get it right. This glimpse at the forthcoming Future World shows that its makers have at least assembled a fairly impressive cast.

The story involves a young bloke searching for a medicine that may only be myth in hopes of saving his dying mum, while encountering a drug lord, a warlord and a sex robot in his travels.

These people are, in order, Jeffrey Wahlberg, Lucy Liu, Milla Jovovich, James Franco and Suki Waterhouse. Add Snoop Dogg, as well as Method Man, and you have one fairly impressive cast.

It all looks a bit… well, we’re not sure whether it’s supposed to be 100 per cent serious. But hey, after The Fifth Element we’ll watch Milla Jovovich in anything futuristic.

It’s been co-directed by Franco – before he made The Disaster Artist – from a script that appears to have been co-written by some of his mates.

We’ve been unable to unearth an Aussie release date for Future World as yet, so if you need some post-apocalyptic thrills in the meantime we highly recommend Mad Max: Fury Road.