MadFest, Australia’s premier festival celebrating Anime, Manga and Japanese culture, hits the International Convention Centre Sydney on March 16-17.

There will be plenty for lovers of all three during the two-day event, with screenings, exhibitions, booths, displays, cosplay, a Nintendo Showcase, and more.

Special guests include Hideaki Itsuno and Matt Walker, director and producer of just-released video game Devil May Cry 5; Cherami Leigh, the voice of Asuma in Sword Art Online; Shizuka Kurosaki, producer of the Fate animation series; Satoshi Tsuroka, the voice of Arash, Gilles de Rais and Caligula from Fate/Grand Order; and Japanese singers Eir Aoi and ASCA.

There’s also the opportunity to be among the first to see Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie: Over the Rainbow, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection, and Fate/Stay Night (Heaven’s Feel) II.lost butterfly at the Australian premiere screenings.

And get your cosplay on for the Madman National Cosplay Championship and the all-inclusive Cosplay Masquerade.

For your chance to win tickets to the show, head here.

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