As further proof of Hollywood’s commitment to recycling, moustachioed 1980s classic TV cop series Magnum, P.I., which ran for eight years, is set to make a return to our screens.

Well, at the very least a bunch of money has been thrown at a yet-to-be-filmed pilot episode to test those lovely Hawaiian waters, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Magnum‘s resurrection is being seen to by the same pair behind the returns of Hawaii Five-O and MacGyver, Peter Menkov and Eric Guggenheim. Rather than getting original star Tom Selleck back, it’s taking the reboot route, with Thomas Magnum now a Navy SEAL returning from Afghanistan and getting into the whole private dick thing, using his wartime skills in order to make ends meet.

While set to include new actors, Tom Selleck’s Blue Bloods just so happens to air on the same network that’s developing this new Magnum, CBS, so we reckon there just might be the odd cameo opportunity or three.

Speaking of which, no Higgins, no Magnum, so we’d hope for a bit of John Hillerman action in there somewhere.

There’s so much old TV making a return – if you could have just one classic series rebooted, what would it be?

Magnum - Higgins

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