Imagine finding a massive collection of previously unseen 65mm footage of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission to the moon. Actually, you don’t have to, because it’s happened.

The footage, along with some 11,000 hours of audio, was recently discovered in the National Archives of the US.

It was entrusted to documentarian Todd Douglas Miller (Dinosaur 13), and the result is a 93-minute film entitled, simply, Apollo 11.

Of course, if you’re on your high horse about “it never happened, it was all an elaborate hoax, blah blah blah” then you won’t want to watch the trailer just below, you’ll just keep roaming your flat Earth. But for those who marvel at the feat of humankind walking on the moon Sting-style that was achieved 50 years ago this year then lap this up:

While we await an Australian release date for Apollo 11, check out how Australia was involved with the mission via The Dish.