A new featurette for Jurassic World 2 – aka Fallen Kingdom – reveals just how many dinosaurs we’re in for in the latest entry into the series.

As director J.A. Bayona says, there are so many of the things that they had to go into widescreen to fit them all in!

One of the really nifty things about the film is that it isn’t all CGI. We’re not saying that the dinosaurs are actually real, but many of them are animatronic, so give the actors something that is more real to act off.

So, meet a bunch of big, grumpy, scaly, sharp-fanged prehistoric creatures who are set to entertain the stuffing out of us when Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom stomps its way into Aussie cinemas on June 21.

Meanwhile, the other four Jurassic flicks are hitting 4K Ultra HD on June 13 to coincide with the new movie’s release. You can pre-order JB Hi-Fi exclusive steelbook editions now – check them out here.