The Simpsons may be the longest-running prime time series ever, but Sesame Street has to be one of the longest running series ever. It’s now entered its 50th year.

That’s a whole lot of kids who’ve grown up in the thrall of fuzzy Muppets like Kermit, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird and the fun lovin’ duo of Bert and Ernie. It’s also a lot of Aussie kids who say “zee” instead of “zed” – but that’s one bad thing in a sea of good.

Sesame Street has been instrumental in teaching all manner of things to children the world over, from literacy and numeracy to inclusivity and even that’s it’s totally fine to sometimes just be really silly.

Here’s a clip compilation that’s been released by the show, and if there isn’t something from the 50 years here that sparks fun memories then we’re sorry that you missed out.

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