If it’s not enough that we’re living one currently, producer Michael Bay is about to get busy with a pandemic thriller movie, entitled Songbird.

According to Deadline, the producer intends to have production underway in five weeks, adhering to all distancing requirements. Shooting is planned for LA, despite it being in lockdown, with the film taking a similar approach to both Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield in look and feel – but with less paranormal stuff. Adam Mason, who previously gave us Into the Dark, is set to direct, having co-written the script with Simon Boyes (Misconduct).

As for story, Songbird will be set two years into the future, with ebbing and flowing lockdowns continuing and some sort of government conspiracy at play.

With Michael Bay involved there’ll hopefully also be lots of explosions. We like explosions. Although this is set to be a low-budget production… So, maybe little explosions then?

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