Still the favourite Batman of many Bat-fans, Michael Keaton is said to be in talks to reprise the role in the upcoming movie take on The Flash.

The news comes via The Wrap, who claim that Keaton, last seen as Batman in 1992’s Batman Returns, will appear alongside Ezra Miller in some capacity should the deal go through.

In other words it’s all a bit nebulous currently.

As for the movie, it’s set to be based around the DC multiverse, which can see various universes in which the same characters may exist and get up to different things, even encountering versions of themselves from other timelines. Basically, it’s a neat way of explaining away any inconsistencies of story that may have occurred over the years in the comics.

It Chapter Two director Andrés Muschietti is set to helm the flick, which has been written by Birds of Prey scribe Christina Hodson.

Story-wise, Miller’s Barry Allen will head back in time in order to stop the death of his mother, but it causes another universe to spawn, in which we catch up with Keaton’s Batman 30 years later.

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