All the Escher-esque charm of brain-bending mobile puzzle game Monument Valley is being prepped to hit our movie screens.

No, cinemas aren’t being turned in to gigantic mobile phones, rather the story of Princess Ida and her world of mazes and optical illusions is set to become a live action/animation movie treat.

There’s some pretty cool animation muscle behind the project, too, with Patrick Osborne – Oscar-winner for his Disney short Feast (the puppy one that ran before Big Hero 6) – set to direct.

Here’s a reminder of how delightful Feast was…

The news of the dual BAFTA-winning game’s transformation into movie form comes via Deadline.

Monument Valley is a one of a kind experience, at once small in its meditative, simple gameplay, as well as enormous in its sense of history,” Osborne told Deadline. “I’m privileged to be handed the reins to Ida’s mysterious kingdom, to play in her world of impossible architecture where seeing things differently is everything. I am thrilled to bring this unique world to theatres with the talented storytellers of Paramount and Weed Road.”

As for the game’s creators, they’re pretty stoked about the whole deal too.

“It’s been four years since we launched the first Monument Valley and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to take our world of beauty and impossibility into cinema,” said Dan Gray of Ustwo Games. “We’re incredibly happy that we’ve found the perfect creative partners in Paramount, Weed Road and Patrick Osborne to champion this concept forward into another medium.”

For those who haven’t had the pleasure, here’s a quick look at Monument Valley

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