If you missed 2012’s Iron Sky then your life is missing a chunk of wild camp sci-fi comedy filmmaking. Now, just when you thought it safe to venture outside again, the Moon Nazis are back!

Having usurped a rather damaged Earth, with those surviving humans taking up residency in the old Nazi camp on the dark side of the moon (obviously the vinyl, as you’d never fit all of those people on a CD insert), the former Moon Nazis must face humans on the path of vengeance – and the centre of the Earth.

Wow, we just went from Pink Floyd to Rick Wakeman. Who’s the prog rock fan then?

Anyway, the “hollow Earth” apparently holds the truth behind the creation of mankind, and the journey will involve an ancient shapeshifting reptilian race and their army of dinosaurs.


Iron Sky: The Coming Race has been crowd-funded, and has had the odd hiccup on its way to screens. But it’s now set to premiere on January 16 in Finland.

There are no Australian dates locked in currently, but you can help change that simply by clicking here.

Right, now here’s the trailer:

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