In what sounds like a case of “We have a cool title, now let’s work backwards” comes the horror-tinged biblical action adventure Noah’s Shark.

Hmm, we’re pretty sure that we’ve never typed “biblical action adventure” before.

Anyway, it appears that a whole day’s lunch money was spent on the FX in this rather cheap looking trailer, but our perverse attraction to low budget flicks of questionable quality has us intrigued. Jaws this ain’t.

Noah’s Shark hails from director Mark Polonia, who has an alarmingly large arsenal of movies to his name, including such other sharky tales as Land Shark and Sharkenstein.

The official line? “A fame-seeking televangelist and his film crew team set out to find the fabled Noah’s Ark, but discover it is guarded by both an ancient curse and a prehistoric great white shark.

Noah’s Shark will apparently be let loose this November. Check it out:

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