With The LEGO Movie 2 not far off – at least overseas – promotion is going kind of nuts. The latest thing is a bunch of very succinct movie reviews from one of the movie’s stars, Emmet.

The seven posts include a bunch of Warner Bros movies that have all been immortalised previously in LEGO form.

Obviously Batman and Wonder Woman feature in the movie. The Wizard of Oz is likely in there too, as the new minifigure set for the movie includes them, plus we’ve seen Lord of the Rings sets previously, as well as Gremlins, Beetlejuice and Goonies in the much-missed (by some of us at least) LEGO Dimensions video game.

It probably just means fleeting cameos, but who knows? Speaking of which, US Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is also set to appear in The LEGO Movie 2 in minifigure form. Really!

The LEGO Movie 2 releases in Australian cinemas on March 21.

Here are Emmet’s mini-reviews:

Emmet-Batman Emmet-Beetlejuice Emmet-Goonies Emmet-Gremlins Emmet-LOTR Emmet-WizardOfOz Emmet-WonderWoman

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